A morning in the life of a carer

My alarm clock goes off at six o’clock and I jump out of bed. There is enough time to stretch, have a quick shower and a hot cup of coffee before I get into my car and drive to my first client for the day. I love the early start, as the air is crisp and the beauty of the sunrise helps my mind to focus on the day ahead of me. At exactly 7am, I knock on Mrs M’s door. She is up already and waiting for me to give her a shower. Her cheery voices breaks the morning silence, as she greets me with delight. I know her routine like the back of my hand, but I still ask her what she wants as we go about getting ready. I am done in about 30 minutes and then I make her breakfast and her favourite tea-Earl Grey. ‘Oh do sit and have a cup of tea with me before you go,’ she says. I glance at my watch and see that I have ten minutes to spare. We sit by the window watching the world go by, as she talks to me about her granddaughter who is arriving later that day from Cornwall. We laugh and we chat, and then suddenly my time is up and I must write up the records and go to the next person. She waves at me as I walk to my car, smiling and talking to herself. I think she must be saying ‘drive safely and see you soon’. As I start my car, I feel good that I have already brightened someone’s day.

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